There were approximately 6000 individuals who were trained as glider pilots during WWII for one-way missions into enemy territory. Sylvan Ralph Lucier was one of these brave men, and was killed in the line of duty during a training accident. This website collects his family's research on his life and death.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

                                 43 ANNUAL REUNION

                         The National World War 2 Glider Pilot Association

                        The  World War 2 Troop Carrier Affiliate Member

                                      September 12 through September 14.
                    Held at the Embassy Suites near Kansas City International Airport, Missouri.
                              REGISTRATION: George Theis:  719-338-6487

 Again this year reunion attendees will be treated to a free flight on a C-47, the cargo carrier that tugs the CG-4A gliders in WW2.  Scott Glover's the generous owner of "Sky King" fully restored this historic plane with the original Troop Carrier colors of the 53rd Troop Carrier Squadron. The engine sound carries me back to my childhood; this is a real airplane! Check it out on

These planes are amazing for their long history. In 2010 we attended the 75th birthday of this plane, celebrated with an opening ceremony fly in at AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. We were enthralled to see an armada of C-47s fly overhead, a small re enactment of what happened in Normandy.
My first reunion with the 316th Troop Carrier group met at an aviation museum where Michael Ingrisano had just located "his" plane, Spooky, from World War 2! Mike is the author of Valor Without Arms, the book that began my research on my glider pilot uncle. Mike was the radio operator of Spooky and his pilot and best friend is in the blue shirt.  Mike died last year and is remembered with great appreciation by the families and members of the 316 TC group and the entire Troop Carrier community so well described in his book. He kept their reunions going for many years and now the remaining veterans are gathering with the glider pilots. The excitement of meeting new members at the reunion and hearing their stories brings "associated" members like myself back to hear the stories and celebrate their valor with others.

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